Vaca Valley Truck & SUV Welcomes SMI Manufacturing | Makers of Intelligent Towed-Vehicle Braking

SMI’s™ Vacuum-Assisted Braking System makes towing a vehicle safer and easier with state of the art braking products. There are many braking systems available today, but as you navigate through our site we are sure you will see the difference SMI makes.

SMI is the only dual-sensing, vacuum-based system. By using the car’s own power brakes, pedal pressure is reduced to only 10 pounds in normal stopping. We are also the ONLY Vacuum-Assisted system that maintains the level of vacuum in the system to provide consistent braking from your towed vehicle.

SMI’s Vacuum-Assisted Braking Systems are more efficient, easier to install, and costs less than other braking systems!

Kevin with Vaca Valley Truck & SUV of Vacaville CA tells us of a recent installation of a RoadMaster All-Terrain Falcon tow bar, Blue Ox mounting kit and SMI Stay-IN-Play DUO brake system on a motorhome and new 2012 Chevrolet Sonic.

• #1 System for diesel motor homes
• Exclusively approved air tap method
• Power brakes of towed active
• 100% Coach & towed protection in breakaway
• “Zero" tow read setup time
• No moving parts
• Five-Year warranty

• Exclusive dual-signal activation
• Steep grades cannot activate system
• True progressive braking
• Coach notification
• Breakaway system
• “Zero" tow ready setup time
• Five-Year warranty
• The last system you will ever buy